Starfield Gets 33% Discount on Steam, Recent Reviews at Mostly Negative

todd howard angry at steam with lava background
Credit: Bethesda/Steam

todd howard angry at steam with lava background
Credit: Bethesda/Steam

Bethesda’s newest franchise, Starfield, is well on its ninth month of existence, and what a ride it has been. In the last quarter of 2023, the game suffered consecutive dips in Steam rating that first hit the “mixed” territory before fully descending into the "negative" tier.

However, when Bethesda started releasing consecutive updates as part of its 2024 roadmap, Starfield saw a rise in positive reviews that pulled back its overall rating to mixed. It was review-bombed when it won the Steam Innovative Gameplay Award for 2023, but it had no material effect on the game’s ratings.

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Credit: Steam

The previous updates, Update 1.9.67 and Update 1.9.51, were received warmly by most of the playing community as well as the newest one that’s on Steam Beta, 1.10.30. Despite these developments, however, Starfield still received 1,629 new reviews, mostly negative.

However, Starfield’s Steam rating remains in mixed territory. It remains to be seen if another round of review-bombing will succeed in bringing it back to negative.

At the same time, Steam is now offering Starfield at a 33% discount for the regular edition. As for the premium edition, its prices have been slashed by 30% only.

Forbes entertainment writer Paul Tassi said that Starfield’s only hope of making a serious comeback lies in either the release of serious updates to make the game better, or the much-awaited Shattered Space DLC.

While updates are in full swing, Bethesda has not released any official information on when Shattered Space will be available or what new content it will add to the game. However, the players' hopes were renewed when an unknown entry appeared in the DLC section of Starfield’s profile at Steam DB.

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