Player Previews the New Facial Expressions for Starfield Photo Mode

volcano starfield pain facial expression
Credit: Bethesda/JayDook at X

volcano starfield pain facial expression
Credit: Bethesda/JayDook at X

One of the highlights of the current Steam Beta update, Update 1.10.30, is the addition of facial expressions to Photo Mode in Starfield. However, in its initial announcement and subsequent patch notes, Bethesda missed specifying at least one or two facial expressions.

Of course, there’s no other way to find out but to wait for the patch to be publicly available. Thanks to X user and persistent Starfield content creator JayDook, we don’t have to wait the next two weeks to see what’s in store for us from the new patch.

Behold the facial expressions you can use in Photo Mode courtesy of the latest update.

As you can see, the video takes 45 seconds to showcase the facial expressions. True to what the patch notes said, there is plenty to look forward to in this aspect. Our favorite so far is the Duck Face, a pose that’s popular not only among women but also with men.

Watch the entire video and tell us which of the new expressions are your favorites. Imagine the different poses you can now do in response to what your NPC companions are doing.

Want to act scared of Vasco after discovering some snippets of his past? There’s an expression for you to do that!

If you’ve bought Starfield on Steam, why don’t you join the current beta testing of the upcoming patch? You have a couple of weeks to try it and tell Bethesda what you think should improve.

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