Shattered Space Should Update Starfield’s Factions

starfield shattered space

starfield shattered space

The clock remains ticking towards the still unspecified release date for the Starfield DLC, Shattered Space. With every day inching us closer to that reveal, players are taking the time from other stuff in the game to think about what the upcoming additional content should bring.

We already have two interesting theories. One theorizes that the DLC will be about an internal conflict within the House of Va’Ruun. The other theory suggests that players could be tasked with tracing a corruption web in the Council of Governors that leads straight to Benjamin Bayu in Neon.

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Credit: Bethesda

The latest piece by Ben Brosofsky of Screen Rant states that to strengthen Starfield amidst its plummeting Steam scores, the DLC should focus on diving deeper into the game’s factions.

Brosofsky writes that, although factions are present in force in Starfield like its predecessors, the player’s experience doesn’t feel very defined. For instance, the player realizes minimal rewards from siding with a specific faction.

Additionally, players can join all four factions without any major impact on the player's dialogue, storyline, or character path.

Brosofsky then suggested that Todd Howard or his team of 250 developers should take pointers from how Fallout: New Vegas handles factions and rivalries. This means, the article noted, limiting the player to only one choice, which will heavily impact the flow of the story overall.

The writer also suggested that Shattered Space may as well be heading in this direction, as its name alone implies a heavier focus on factions and rivalries.

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