Starfield Update 1.9.51 - Changes and Patch Notes

Starfield Update 1.9.51 - Changes and Patch Notes

Starfield Update 1.9.51 - Changes and Patch Notes

It’s finally here! After revealing its roadmap for Starfield for 2024, Bethesda has moved out its first patch from the Steam Beta platform to the public domain. You can now download the update for your PC and Xbox Series consoles.

This is the sweetest part of the update - the improvements! As seen in Reddit posts last week, the new update, officially called Update, has made true on its promise to improve the graphics in Starfield by massively tweaking the global lighting system.

Are you still frustrated by one or two “pet rocks” lingering near your spaceship? This update could finally be that solution for you! As the update notes indicate, the patch has taken care of another issue that could be causing those asteroids to cling to your passing ship.

Hopefully, that resolves the issue, although we’ll be sad to let our “pet rock” go after being a faithful companion since launch.

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While fans have attested to the improvements in graphics, some players still complain about the bug in the “Powers from Beyond” mission in their game. According to some of these players, they still couldn’t find the temple; instead, they found an outpost in its place.

Some users on Reddit are also complaining about pet rocks that continue to follow them around despite Bethesda’s promise to fix that bug through this latest update. Better luck next time, fellow explorers!

What do you think the next patch will address? There are so many issues going on, and we still have not seen the new ways to travel promised in a statement last year.

Enjoy the new updates, explorers!

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