Starfield Roadmap 2024

Starfield Roadmap 2024

Starfield Roadmap 2024

Starfield hasn't had the most significant updates or patches since launch, but that all changes today; my friends with Bethesda are revealing their roadmap for 2024. The Xbox and PC exclusive was allowed extra time to iron out bugs and glitches before launch; needless to say, Starfield still arrived with the odd glitch and niggles expected from Bethesda games.

The most recent patch for the game (1.8.88) resolved issues with space rocks attaching to the hulls of ships and made other fixes to improve the experience. However, many fans eagerly await details on the first story expansion for Starfield - Shattered Space. With the latest post by Bethesda over on Reddit, we may have received the release month for the anticipated add-on.

Starfield Shattered Space DLC
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In their 'end of the year' update post on Reddit, Bethesda revealed their plans for Starfield and a link to the official Bethesda website, which has further information on the game's future.

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It’s coming up on the end of the year, and we want to thank all our players for joining us for the incredible launch of Starfield. With 13 million players since September, this has been the biggest launch in our history. Your support of this new adventure has meant everything to us.

You’ve been very busy out there in space for the past few months, and we want to share some fascinating stats about what you’ve been up to. Altogether, you’ve visited nearly 2 billion planets, which is an astronomical number! Check out the full infographic below for even more info on everything from your favorite powers to the most lethal enemies, and more.

Bethesda 2023 Starfield Summary
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It's not too shabby for a game only released this past September, right? On the Reddit post, Bethesda summarised the changes and took the time to thank the fans who have spent countless hours playing their latest IP.

Starfield Roadmap 2024

The points below come directly from Bethesda on their Starfield 'end of the year' update -

In 2024, we'll be updating roughly every six weeks starting with our next major update in February. Here's some of what we have planned throughout the year on top of regular bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements:

  • City maps
  • New ways to travel
  • New ways to customize your ships
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  • New gameplay options to further adjust difficulty
  • Official mod support with the launch of Creations
  • Our first story expansion, Shattered Space

While Shattered Space does not have a release date attached, the post states that their first major update will arrive in February. Whether or not this means we will see the new content in the early months of 2024 remains to be seen, but fans will surely lap up the all-new story content whenever it arrives.

Alongside the DLC, the mention of Creations could be the major update alluded to in February; this would be welcomed, perhaps even more so than Shattered Space, as modders will finally get their hands on official tools to change up the game in ways Bethesda wishes they had done themselves.

Whatever the new year brings for Starfield, one thing is for sure - we will keep you updated on all the latest news as soon as it drops.

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