Starfield Search and Seizure Walkthrough

starfield search and seizure smuggler ship in spaceport

starfield search and seizure smuggler ship in spaceport

Search and Seizure is the third quest you can complete for the New Atlantis UC Security. The quest involves tracking down a ship of smugglers and then ultimately confronting them about their illegal trade.

How to Unlock Search and Seizure

You can only unlock the Search and Seizure quest after completing the Eyewitness quest from the UC Vanguard Questline and dealing with the Terrormorph. After this, complete the previous quest, A Break at Dawn, and then you will unlock Search and Seizure next.

Search and Seizure Walkthrough

Speak to Sergeant Yumi

Follow the activity to speak to Sergeant Yumi and visit the New Atlantis UC Security Building. He will tell you about reports of Contraband smuggling taking place at the Spaceport and ask you to investigate the matter.

starfield search and seizure speak to sergeant yumi
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Speak to the Port Workers

Head outside and towards the New Atlantis Spaceport. Speak to the Port Workers here, and one of them will report the name of a suspicious ship where the crew was too careful with the cargo.

starfield search and seizure port technician
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Obtain the Ship Records from Aegis

Head back to the MAST building in the MAST district and visit Agent Plato in his office on the upper floors. He'll hand you a list of ships suspected of illegal trading activities.

starfield search and seizure get ship records from plato
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Read the slate and identify the Smuggler's Ship

Open up your Inventory and head to the Notes section. Read the slate called "Potential Smuggler Ships." The slate lists four different cargo ships; the first matches the ID given to you by the port worker, UC-576B. Keep in mind the name Anansi.

starfield search and seizure smuggler list slate
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Report to Sergeant Yumi

Head back to Sergean Yumi and name the ship you've managed to track down. If you give any answer that is not the Anansi, the quest will prematurely end, and you'll get the rewards. However, if you answer with Anansi, you'll be tasked with boarding it at the Spaceport and giving it a checkup.

starfield search and seizure report to yumi
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Obtain the Contraband

Head to the New Atlantis Spaceport, where the Anansi is conveniently docked. Head into the ship and make your way to the cockpit.

starfield search and seizure ship ramp for entry
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Once you enter, turn to the left and open the captain's locker, where you'll spot some Contraband. Taking any items from the Captain's locker will trigger the ship captain to talk with you.

starfield search and seizure cargo hold with contraband
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You'll be offered the choice to take a bribe, become a fellow smuggler, and let them go scott-free by lying to Sergeant Yumi. You can increase the amount of Credits with Negotiation. Refusing the offer results in the ship crew becoming hostile towards you. Luckily, they're all low-level enemies that are easy to handle.

starfield search and seizure kill ship smugglers
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We suggest not taking the bribe as the resources on the ship are more valuable than the bribed amount. You can use the Wanted trait dialogue option to have them surrender.

starfield search and seizure ship captain
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Report to Sergeant Yumi

Return to Sergeant Yumi and either lie about not finding anything or report what happened at the ship. Note that another option in this situation is lying to Yumi and selling off the Contraband after seizing it. While morally dubious, it's the most profitable decision. This will complete the quest, Search and Seizure.

Search and Seizure Quest Rewards

  • XP - 200
  • Credits - Leveled amount

That concludes our walkthrough for the Search and Seizure quest. Next, we have the final quest for the New Atlantis UC Security, Two Tales, Two Cities.

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