Redditor Crosses the Unity With All Skills Maxed

Starfield skill screen

Starfield skill screen

The Unity. It’s the endgame for all of us who have flown into the Starfield. As with all things Bethesda, however, it’s entirely up to you when you’d like to make that crossover through the point of no return.

For instance, you can jump right in after chatting with the two main Starborn, or you can put it off for an indefinite period as you get your affairs in the main universe in order. This Redditor, however, seems to have chosen the latter.

Redditor gaborauth shook the Starfield subreddit when he uploaded a screenshot of his dashboard showing that he has maxed all his skills, although his surveying is only at 64%.

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Credit: Reddit

Gaborauth described the achievement comes with a “typical ‘yes, but’” feeling, and he had to grind a little harder than usual to reach that level.

When asked how he did it, the Redditor referred the inquisitor to the second screenshot, which showed him at level 322 with a playtime of 28 days, 12 hours, and 41 minutes. This, he said, represents an average of about five hours per day.

In another comment, the OP also said that he specifically farms XPs by constructing a lot of adaptive frames for his outposts.

Still, it’s a remarkable achievement because it took him only one month roughly, to max out all his skills. Not only that, he has also finished the main storyline with the two Starborn and is ready to jump into a new universe.

This milestone is similar to the one hit by player DoomZero, who maxed out all surveying and scanning in Starfield in roughly the same number of days.

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