Player Fully Surveyed Starfield Universe in Just One Month

josh starfield

josh starfield

The scale of Bethesda’s newest open-world exploration game, Starfield, was one of the selling points brought up during the company’s June showcase of what was then its upcoming launch.

Todd Howard had definitely raised eyebrows when he said they had created a galaxy with more than 1,000 planets.

We get the idea that Bethesda wants players to immerse themselves within this universe by making it so huge it’s almost impossible to see them all. At least, that’s what players thought until Reddit user DoomZero rocked the world with his claim that he has fully surveyed Todd Howard’s galaxy.

Take a look at the screenshot of his achievements and be amazed!

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Credit: Reddit

One of the first questions that was fielded at DoomZero in his post on Reddit was: “How many hours went into the project?”

It’s difficult to believe, but DoomZero’s reply said that he has only 200 hours in, of which 180 were spent surveying the star systems and their planets.

Users also asked him what skills they should boost to do the same as he did. DoomZero’s response was amazingly specific. According to him, there are five skills that every player should work on if they want to survey all 1,694 planets in as quick a time as he did.

These skills are Astrophysics, Zoology, Scanning, Botany, and Surveying.

Were there any planets that he was unable to survey fully? DoomZero was quick to respond: Masada III, Beta Marae I and Charybdis II. He explained that it is because of fauna located in the ocean of Masada III and Beta Marae I’s wetlands that do not spawn and are thus not scanned.

DoomZero said that he was able to work around Charybdis II by traveling to the fauna’s biomes, quick-saving his game, and then loading that quicksave. Afterwards, the fauna are fully spawned and can be scanned.

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