Player Shares Glitch That Speedrunners Previously Ignored

starfield speed run

starfield speed run

Speed running means going through a game from start to finish in a single playthrough as fast as possible. Starfield is no exception - in fact, a month after launch, someone already posted a video on YouTube showing that they could finish the game in under an hour.

However, that achievement was only made possible by taking advantage of a glitch and taking specific actions that let them bypass quests and storyline points.

Another speedrunner, VG247 reported, had managed a more regular speed run at 2 hours, 51 minutes, and 42 seconds. The player, whose username was Micrologist, had uploaded his feat to his YouTube channel.

One X user noted that many speedrunners lose seconds or even a minute to a specific event they could have otherwise avoided.

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Credit: X/tomatoanus

According to user Foxtrot_67, players can skip the animation of the train departing New Atlantis by simply jumping in front of it and triggering the fast travel menu.

Her conversations with users tomatoanus and dmrzl, who admitted that nobody had known of that glitch’s existence before, were uploaded to the latter’s account on X.

With this new information, speedrunners should be able to shave a few seconds or up to a minute off their playing time. With this tip in mind, let’s see what new videos come out from players trying another speed run!

Barely three months after launch, many Starfield users have posted breakthrough achievements, including the game’s most avid fan, Niko Mueller. Niko had posted a video showing his current character meeting its original self from NG0 at The Lodge while meeting with the Constellation.

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