Starfield Fan Creates Wonderfully Decorated Space Lounge

a woman is standing in a room with a group of people standing around a table .
Credit: Bethesda and u/BackgroundMost1180

a woman is standing in a room with a group of people standing around a table .
Credit: Bethesda and u/BackgroundMost1180

Starfield players have always been the creative kind, with tons of amazing mods available via the Creations Club.

Aside from creating gameplay-improving mods, the Starfield community has also created real-life artworks, ranging from a gun replica to a comic book adaptation and beautifully crafted outposts and ships.

More recently, a Starfield fan created a wonderful ship interior, the perfect place to lounge when traveling through space on auto-pilot.

Originally posted on Reddit, u/BackgroundMost1180 shared their amazingly decorated ship interior.

Complete with private quarters, lounges, equipment storage, and display rooms, the ship’s interior showcases a lavish travel experience that can be fully enjoyed while in outer space with the Seamless Interplanetary Travel mod from Creations.

While the ship’s interiors are top-notch, the same can be said of its exteriors. Sporting a blue, white, and yellow color scheme, it is the ship only the opulent will travel on.

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Starfield’s shipbuilding has improved since the last update, with multiple mods improving the experience.

Thanks to an Xbox Creations mod, players can now place ladders and doors anywhere. Fantastic modding creations like this help players who like customizing their outposts and ships make their dream vessels come to life.

a woman is sitting on a table in a futuristic room .
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Credit: Bethesda and u/BackgroundMost1180

In other Starfield news, Todd Howard recently shared that Starfield has surpassed 14 million total players, who play an average of 40 hours each. This is a huge feat for Bethesda’s new IP.

With this, Starfield’s Year 2 is already in the works, with an announcement scheduled right after the release of Shattered Space DLC. It will possibly include brand new game features such as land vehicles and utilize existing planets as locations.

This new update is part of Bethesda’s annual story expansion plans for the space-exploration RPG.

Whether you prefer to lounge in a lavish spaceship while traveling in space or hunt for bounties with petty crimes, stay updated with the latest news and announcements in Starfield Portal.

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