Xbox Series S Can Now Run Starfield at 120FPS and 60FPS

a man in a cowboy hat is playing a video game .
Credit: Bethesda

a man in a cowboy hat is playing a video game .
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield’s recent updates have brought tons of fixes and quality-of-life improvements. From a better Starmap to Creations Club, the past two months have been great for the space exploration RPG.

Creations Club was one of the bigger reasons for Xbox players to celebrate, and because of that, there came bigger and better mods, including a mod that enables 60 fps for Starfield on Xbox Series S.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Fuzion Xbox Testing, several mods were needed to be active to reach the said fps. Primarily, the Uncapped FPS for Series S mod and the Inquisitor Project FPS Plus - New Atlantis and Akila City mod are the main mods responsible for increasing FPS.

However, some additional mods such as the Performance Tweaks, Performance Shadows, Remove Grass, Crowd Reducer, and No God Rays mods also help in making sure that the performance and fps are optimal on the console.

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During the FPS test in the said video, the game can be seen reaching 120 fps when fighting some enemies, and in cities like New Atlantis, the frame rate is on an average of 75 fps.

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Credit: Bethesda

Be wary though, while these mods optimize the game for increased FPS, these also disable various settings and visual elements of the game. Grass is removed, crowds aren’t as many as Starfield vanilla, and there is no ambient occlusion and global illumination.

It is also important to note that the mods reconstruct the game’s resolution to 720p. While Bethesda hasn’t released an official update for the game and the console, Xbox users will still have to sacrifice some game aspects to achieve the coveted 120FPS.

In other Starfield news, Todd Howard recently shared in an interview some details about Starfield’s Year 2. Players can expect to have another DLC right after the upcoming Shattered Space DLC.

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