Starfield Side Quest - Juno's Gambit

starfield ryujin industries agents inside juno ship

starfield ryujin industries agents inside juno ship

Juno's Gambit is a short but very well-written quest. It's a random encounter with a story about an AI who has gained sentience and two agents who want to shut it down. You're faced with several moral dilemmas and philosophical questions that you get to discuss with the newborn AI. However, the meeting doesn't happen in favorable circumstances. Find the best way to solve the conflict and save everyone in Juno's Gambit.

How to Unlock Juno's Gambit?

The Juno's Gambit quest triggers on a random encounter when you perform a grav jump and run into a Mysterious Ship being attacked by another Ecliptic Mercenary ship. You have to destroy the Ecliptic Mercenary ship, and the people onboard the mysterious ship will ask you to board and help out. While the exact spawn is unknown, here is a list of planets where you're likely to run into the event:

Juno's Gambit Walkthrough

Defeat the Ecliptic Ship

When you Grav Jump into the orbit of a new planet, Juno's Gambit might spawn for you. An Ecliptic Ship will be attacking a Mysterious Ship. Get rid of the Ecliptic Mercenary ship.

Board the Mysterious Ship

You can now hail and board the Mysterious Ship. Before you board, we suggest you complete the Ryujin Industries Questline to get the best ending here since the ship will be locked once you enter dialogue aboard.

starfield juno's gambit mysterious ship
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Speak to the Ryujin Agents

Once inside, you'll converse with two Ryujin Industries agents, Collins and Khambatta. They'll have a good cop bad cop routine going on and will thank you for the assist.

starfield juno's gambit operative collins introducing each other
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They'll mention that their associate lying dead on the floor got fried trying to turn off the AI on the vessel. They won't give you much choice and pressure you to be the next person to try and turn it off.

Speak to Juno

You can now approach Juno's panel and start speaking with it. If you're looking for more information, you can read up on notes and observations from researchers on Juno on the computer terminal to the left.

starfield juno's gambit juno information
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Juno will show signs of being confused about its sentience, but it will also be adamant about its right to existence and desire not to be shut down due to its sentience. Here, you can have some rather philosophical discussions with the machine about the nature of living things.

starfield juno's gambit who is juno dialogue
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You can also pick up the Sentient AI Adapters Contraband material lying behind Juno. You should sell this before reaching Neon unless you can bypass scans.

What Happens if You Attach the Probe?

If you choose to attach the probe, Juno will enter a deep slumber, and its systems will shut down. It will let you know that it is experiencing some form of fear and anger. The agents will thank you for your service and ask you to leave.

starfield juno's gambit attach control probe to juno
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Once you undock, Juno will reactivate and express its anger. It will then disable life support systems and jettison the Ryujin agents off the ship into space. It won't say another word, and immediately Grav Jump away with a quick goodbye. This rewards you with 3000 Credits.

starfield juno's gambit juno angry and killing agents
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You can actually run into Juno again while exploring in another random encounter after this outcome. However, Juno will be openly hostile and will not attempt to communicate with you. Furthermore, you can't board Juno anymore.

What Happens if You Free Juno?

The other option is to free Juno by killing the Ryujin Industries operatives. Note that the Operatives are no pushovers and are both Level 39. One carries a Va'ruun Starshard, and the other holds a Refined MagShot. You're in a tight space with sparse cover, so make a game plan before aggroing both of them.

starfield juno's gambit fight ryujin operatives
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Once you kill them, Juno will thank you and ask you about the purpose of life. After this, Juno will enter a shutdown sequence due to system damage.

starfield juno's gambit juno leaving to think
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You can then return to your ship. When you undock, Juno will reactivate and suggest that it needs to go into deep space for further processing and thinking time. It will thank you and Grav Jump away. This rewards you with 2000 Credits.

How to Save Everyone?

The third secret method is only available if you've done the Ryujin Industries Questline and become an operative within the corporation.

starfield juno's gambit ryujin dialogue option
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You can introduce yourself as an agent, which will let you sway them to leave Juno alone without the need for violence. Juno will again enter deep sleep, and Grav Jump away when you undock from the ship.

starfield juno's gambit ryujin dialogue option to spare juno
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They'll then ask you for a ride back home to Neon to finish the quest and reward you with 5500 Credits.

Juno's Gambit Quest Rewards

  • XP - 200
  • Credits - Depends on Choice

That concludes Juno's Gambit, a short but interesting little quest in the depths of space. Who knows where the Sentient AI has gone to find itself and what it means for humanity? Perhaps it will end up like the Pilgrim, perpetually searching for answers across Universes.

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