Starfield - Pilgrims Computer

pilgrims rest outpost from starfield

pilgrims rest outpost from starfield

Starfield is a long and deep game; many quests will come your way as you travel through the cosmos. In the later stages of the game, you will embark upon a new pursuit in finding the true meaning of Unity. Finding all of the Pilgrim's Writing will help you find the answers to the Pilgrim Computer puzzle at the Pilgrim's Rest.

We take a look below at the Pilgrim's Writing locations and the answers you need to solve the Pilgrim Computer door lock.

Pilgrims Rest

You will need to look around the camp near the landing zone and find the five books to work out the answers to the Pilgrim Computer questions. The books are easy enough to find as the Pilgrim's Rest is a relatively small area featuring only some small cabins and rest areas to search through.

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The scanner can help more here, but the books aren't tucked away in corners; they are spread around at quite obvious locations. Once you have found them all, you can read them to work out the answers for the computer, or if you want to skip to the answers - read on.

Pilgrim Computer Answers

The answers can be worked out by checking the five books in your inventory; that being said, you can't open your inventory while using the computer.

the pilgrims computer
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For those who want access to the room and aren't looking to figure the answers out on their own, or if you have found the books and need a reminder, here are the replies you must input to unlock the door and progress:

Question 1 - If you came seeking the correct answers, you will know what question to ask.

Answer -What is the Unity?

Question 2 - I return your question with a question. If you have read my writings, what is the burden of people?

Answer - People are necessary. But people are madness.

Question 3 - Who is your most formidable opponent?

Answer - Myself.

Question 4 - Where does enduring contentment come from?

Answer - In stopping. In embracing compassion.

The door will unlock after successfully answering all the questions the computer asks. Inside, you will find the Pilgrim’s Final Writing; read this for another clue of where to go in your quest for knowledge.

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And that covers all the answers to bypass the Pigrim Computer questions and progress the mission. For more like this, check out how to find the Mercury Suit at the NASA launch tower, or get the answers to the Mantis puzzle and become a space Batman!

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