Starfield UC Vanguard Questline - Grunt Work Walkthrough

starfield grunt work commander tuala reaction

starfield grunt work commander tuala reaction

Now that you've joined the UC Vanguard in the quest, Supra Et Ultra, it's time to go on your first official mission. Help a nearby United Colonies settlement with some repair work in the quest Grunt Work. It is a simple enough job that turns into something much more terrifying as you come face-to-face with a Terrormorph.

Speak to Crew Chief Herath

First, get the repair supplies from Crew Chief Herath, who you can find near the Spaceport in New Atlantis.

starfield grunt work talk to herath
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Travel to Tau Cetti II

Make your way to Tau Cetti II in the Tau Cetti Star System - land near the settlement.

starfield grunt work tau ceti ii landing spot
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Make Contact with the Settlers

Walk into the settlement, where you'll find corpses of the locals strewn about in the aftermath of some terrible carnage.

starfield grunt work tau ceti facility
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Investigate the Scream

You'll hear a loud and terrifying scream as you enter the compound. A woman will spot you and unlock the door on the first floor for you to access.

starfield grunt work investigate the scream
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Speak to Hadrian

Speak to the woman, Hadrian, who will tell you about the Terrormorph attack. She'll ask you to help deal with it by resetting the security systems.

starfield grunt work speak to hadrian
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Reset the Security System Connection

Walk further into the facility and interact with the Security System connection to reactivate the turrets.

starfield grunt work reset the security
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Wait for Hadrian to Analyze the System

You'll have to wait for Hadrian to Analyze the system. At this point, the Terrormorph will appear right in front of the room you were inside.

starfield grunt work terrormorph appears
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Tune the Livestock Tracker

Interact with the Livestock Tracker in front of you and calibrate it to the frequency 183.5. This will give you a HUD display that lets you know how far the Terrormorph is from you.

starfield grunt work calibrate the livestock tracker
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Flip the Circuit Breakers

Flipping all the circuit breakers to reactivate the Turrets is optional, but you can do this if you need help to take on the Terrormorph.

starfield grunt work flip the power breaker
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You don't have to activate all of them, but they definitely help, especially if you haven't leveled enough or don't have any of the best early-game weapons. To reach the power breakers on the roof, you can use the stairs behind the last building on the left.

starfield grunt work power breakers on the roof
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Kill the Terrormorph

Whether through the turrets, through combat, or with the help of companions, you'll have to kill the fearsome Terrormorph.

starfield grunt work kill the terrormorph
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Collect the Terrormorph Tissue Sample

Collect the Terrormorph Tissue Samples from its corpse so Hadrian can analyze it.

starfield grunt work collect tissue sample from terrormorph corpse
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Return to Hadrian

Go back to Hadrian and hand over the sample.

starfield grunt work talk to hadrian again
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Follow Hadrian

Follow her downstairs as she heads to a nearby Research Station to check the sample.

starfield grunt work follow hadrian
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She'll ask you to get permission to have it delivered to Percival Walker.

starfield grunt work follow hadrian and hear her request
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Report to Commander Tuala

Return to Commander John Tuala on New Atlantis and debrief him on what happened.

starfield grunt work report to tuala
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Grunt Work Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 250
  • Credits - 4800-12000
  • UC Vanguard Spacesuit
  • UC Vanguard Space Helmet
  • UC Vanguard Pilot Pack
starfield grunt work quest rewards commander john tuala
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Next up, we have the quest Delivering Devils, where you get closer to the origin of the Terrormorphs.

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