Starfield Ryujin Industries Quest - A New Narrative

starfield a new narrative laredo firearms shop

starfield a new narrative laredo firearms shop

The third quest of the Ryujin Industries questline has you planting false evidence on a competitor to gain the upper hand. You'll have to get used to these underhanded tricks if you plan on surviving in the cutthroat corporate world of Neon City. Let's get on with the walkthrough for A New Narrative.

Starfield A New Narrative Walkthrough

Talk to Imogene

After completing the previous quest, One Step Ahead, you can talk to Imogene, and she'll immediately tell you about the next task you need to get done. You need to plant some fake evidence at Laredo Firearms in Akila City without getting caught. They've competed directly with a Ryujin Industry subsidiary that sells firearms.

starfield a new narrative briefing
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Travel to Akila City

Grav Jump and land in Akila City on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne Star System.

starfield a new narrative akila city fast travel
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Plant the Confidential Files at Laredo Firearms in Akila City

Make your way to Laredo Firearms, located at the right of the Akila City entrance. Head inside and walk to the back and up the stairs on the right. They'll have one employee on this floor with you. You need to open the Novice difficulty lock for the door on the left.

starfield a new narrative locked door in laredo firearms
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You can use abilities such as Stealth or sit and wait somewhere until midnight till he leaves. It's important to remain hidden when you start and open the locks. Once you finish them, he won't care for whatever reason.

Once the door is opened, interact with the chest on the left. You'll have to lockpick this chest as well.

starfield a new narrative locked chest for lockpicking
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Once it's open, interact with it, open up your inventory, and plant the Confidential Files. There's also a locked computer here, but there's nothing worthwhile inside it. You can ignore it unless you feel like getting XP, but you'll use up a valuable Digipick.

Return to Imogene at Ryujin Tower

Make a swift exit and fast travel back to Neon City. Report to Imogene to collect your rewards.

starfield a new narrative report back to imogene
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A New Narrative Rewards

You get the following rewards for completing A New Narrative.

  • EXP - 110
  • Credits - 2500
  • CQB-X x1

That concludes your infiltration mission in Akila City. It's time to swipe a keycard next in the 'Access is Key' quest.

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