Starfield UC Vanguard Questline - A Legacy Forged Walkthrough

starfield the cabinet meeting in a legacy forged

starfield the cabinet meeting in a legacy forged

Now that we've uncovered the truth behind the Terrormorph attacks and their source, it's time to tell the truth to the Cabinet. You also get to make one of the most important decisions in Starfield, the fate of Vae Victis, and what happens to the Terrormorphs in the UC Vanguard Quest A Legacy Forged.

A Legacy Forged Walkthrough

Speak to Vae Victis

Head to New Atlantis and go to the lift in the MAST Building. Head down to Sub Section Seven and speak to Vae Victis in his cell. He'll deny your accusations but admit to it once you press him a bit. He'll try to justify his actions and convince you to keep his involvement a secret. In return, he'll offer you some quests once you're done.

starfield a legacy forged speak to vae victis
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Speak to Hadrian and Percival

Head back up to the Cabinet Chambers and speak to Hadrian and Percival. They'll ask you about the culprit and discuss the options for dealing with the Terrormorphs and Heatleeches.

starfield a legacy forged speak to hadrian
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Lie About Vae Victis (Optional)

If you tell them about Vae Victis, they will inform the Council and have him executed or removed from his chamber. However, if you keep his involvement a secret and blame Orlase, Vae Victis will retain his position and assign you some quests later. Your companions don't have to know, so besides your morals, it's a better choice to take Vae Victis' side.

Speak to the Cabinet

Speak to the Cabinet, and they'll commend you for all you've accomplished. This is the last place where you can choose to come clean about Vae Victis. Afterward, the Cabinet will ask you which Terrormorph solution is more effective. Lastly, they'll grant you Class One citizenship in the UC and finish the quest.

starfield a legacy forged speak to council
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Choose the Probe or the Aceles

Choosing between the Probe and Aceles is pretty much the same. However, it will give you a different cutscene moment during the final quest, One Giant Leap. This choice also alters the ending you get slightly.

Speak to Commander Tuala

To collect your Class One citizenship rewards, head down to the MAST Lobby and speak to Commander Tuala. He'll give you additional Credits and tell you where to get your new house.

starfield a legacy forged speak to john tuala
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A Legacy Forged Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 350
  • Credits - 18800 + 12000
  • New Atlantis Penthouse

Congratulations, you've completed the UC Vanguard Questline. Feel free to pick some new quests from John Tuala or Vae Victis if you left him around.

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