Fallout Season 1 Best Characters, Ranked

Fallout Season 1
Credit: Prime Video

Fallout Season 1
Credit: Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video’s live-action adaptation of the popular game franchise Fallout features a stellar cast of actors portraying interesting characters. Thanks to the unique personalities shown in Season 1, it’s undoubtedly one of the best video game adaptations made in recent years.

Upon reflection, it’s easy to see how important each character is now. The story revolves around three central characters: Lucy, Maximus, and Cooper.

Still, other characters like Moldaver, Norm, and Hank also play crucial roles in unraveling the story. That said, here’s our list of the Fallout characters we consider very important or entertaining in Season 1.

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Top Fallout Season 1 Characters

How we ranked these characters

The characters below are ranked according to several factors. First, we evaluated how important these characters were to the overall story or narrative of the show. Second, we looked at how the characters developed across eight episodes. Third, we considered how the actors portrayed the characters and their roles. Lastly, we factored in just how entertaining the characters were every time they appeared on the screen.

Based on these four factors, we could rank the characters from S, A, B, and C, with S-tier being the highest and C-tier being the lowest, but still a crucial part of the show. Without further ado, here are the top Fallout Season 1 characters ranked:


Cooper Howard, AKA The Ghoul

Walton Goggins Cooper Howard is one of the three main characters in Fallout. He’s an actor known for portraying cowboys and promoting the Vaults before the bombs were dropped. The show didn’t go into much detail about how he became the ruthless bounty hunter known as The Ghoul, but what is known is that he’s irradiated and cannot die as a result.

The show uses the developments in this character’s life as major plot points. He also enjoys massive screen time and brightens up the show whenever he appears. He’s humorous and cool, but he’s more of an anti-hero you’ll root for–especially after he decides to look for “whoever is behind the wheel.”

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Fallout follows Lucy around the Vault and the Wasteland.
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Credit: Amazon.com
Vault-dweller turned Wasteland sojourner Lucy MacLean

Lucy MacLean

Ella Purnell’s Lucy is clearly the show's main character, featured front and centre in most promo ads and our first look at the world from her point of view. She’s a Vault Dweller who goes out into the Wasteland after her father, Vault 33 Overseer Hank, gets kidnapped by Moldaver.

Her journey outside the Vault starts with her sticking out like a sore thumb; she learned her behaviors inside the comfortable confines of the Vault. By the finale, you’ll find her teaming up with The Ghoul to continue searching for Hank.

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Dr. Siggi Wilzig

Michael Emerson’s Dr. Wilzig is a minor character who plays a major role in the show. He starts as a scientist-type who interacts with the main characters, then soon becomes a MacGuffin of sorts so the story can progress.

Wilzig is more intelligent than most, which is evident whenever he interacts with Lucy and other characters in the Wasteland. He’s entertaining to watch, and viewers will appreciate his funny moments and what he does for the rest of the story.

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Norm MacLean

Moises Arias’s Norm is Lucy’s brother. He’s not a main character like his sister, but what he does is also important for the story. Initially portrayed as a coward, he grows as the show progresses. He starts investigating things and ends up discovering secrets about the Vault, including those involving his father, Hank, and others.

The things he uncovers might not be the most exciting or interesting, but they’re some of the more important things in the entire story. They might also play a part in his elevation to Overseer in Season 2.


Lucy and Hank play important roles in Fallout.
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Credit: Amazon.com
Lucy and her father Overseer Hank MacLean

Overseer Hank MacLean

Kyle MacLachlan portrays the role of Lucy and Norm’s father, Hank. He is the Overseer of Vault 33 and appears from episode one but is kidnapped by Moldaver. He reappears in the season finale after Moldaver tells Lucy about his past.

At the end of season one, he manages to escape from his cage and zips away using stolen Power Armor. He starts in the show as this good father figure but is eventually revealed to be the opposite.

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Lee Moldaver

Sarita Choudhury plays Lee Moldaver, who the show portrays as the season’s main antagonist. Interestingly, while she doesn’t get a lot of screen time, viewers will notice her actions' impact whenever she does appear. For one, she causes Lucy to venture out of the Vault after she kidnaps her dad. She was also after Dr. Wilzig, although her main intention was to benefit the people she leads at Shady Sands.

Moldaver also takes care of Rose, Lucy’s mom, after Hank leaves her to be irradiated and turned into a Ghoul.

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Maximus pretends to be Knight Titus after the latter dies.
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Maximus alongside Knight Titus


Aaron Moten portrays Maximus as one of the show's three main characters. He starts off as an idealistic grunt who wants to stand for justice, the kind that the Brotherhood of Steel brandishes. He quickly becomes a squire and then immediately assumes the identity of his commander, Knight Titus, after the latter dies.

His experiences in the Wasteland remove all idealism from him and turn him into a selfish person. By the finale, he does become an official Knight after the Brotherhood mistakenly believes him to be responsible for the capture of Cold Fusion technology. Moten did a very good job with his acting, but Maximus could’ve been better as a main character. He can be expected to play a bigger role during clashes with the Enclave in Season 2.

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Johnny Pemberton plays the role of Thaddeus, who gets introduced to Maximus in episode one. A member of the Brotherhood of Steel, he tends to bully Maximus but becomes his squire after the latter pretends to be Knight Titus.

Thaddeus has several near-death encounters, including being eaten by a Gulper. However, things go wrong for him later in the story after his foot injury is healed with the help of a snake oil salesman.

That's our ranking for all the central characters in Fallout Season 1. Would you have them in a different order? Should we have included Ma June? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, Wastelanders.

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