Fallout Games Invade European Charts Following TV Show Premiere

vault boy approves fallout 4
Credit: Bethesda

vault boy approves fallout 4
Credit: Bethesda

The Fallout franchise is reaping the benefits of the highly successful live-action TV show currently streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video platform.

Just a week ago, the world witnessed the groundbreaking release of Jonathan Nolan’s Prime Video TV series, a live-action adaptation of Bethesda Game Studios’ Fallout franchise. The series’ triumph is not confined to the streaming platform; it's making waves on the game charts, particularly in Europe, underscoring the franchise's enduring popularity.

GSD data show that Fallout 4 has once again risen to the top of its weekly European gaming chart a week after the launch of the TV show, whose production Jonathan Nolan has likened to both Fallout 5 and his brother’s Batman films.

GamesIndustry.biz has reported a staggering 7,500% increase in sales of Fallout 4 across Europe, both in physical and digital media. This surge in popularity has catapulted the game to the top spot, a testament to the powerful influence of the TV show's promotion and discount strategy.

fallout 4 top spot weekly european game charts
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Credit: GamesIndustry.biz/GSD

69% of these new purchases for Fallout 4 are for PC. The remaining 31% are for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It’s worth noting that the spike in sales does not include data from the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra platforms.

The impact of the Fallout live-action premiere is not limited to Fallout 4. Other titles in the franchise, including Fallout 76, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 3, have also seen a significant boost in sales, securing the 8th, 9th, and 10th spots on the charts.

Even the two original Fallout games produced by Interplay before Bethesda acquired the intellectual property managed to rise to No. 70 (Fallout 1) and No. 57 (Fallout 2).

These new Fallout 4 players can also download the free next-gen update for the franchise's most successful single-player game. The update will be available for free on all platforms starting April 25.

On the other hand, Fallout 76 is currently offering a free trial for the Fallout 1st premium membership service until April 23. Should these trials expire, the membership is available at discounted rates until April 25 on Steam and May 9 for Xbox players.

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