Fallout Team Created Vault Report on Set - Todd Howard

todd howard fallout

todd howard fallout

The Fallout live-action series on Prime Video has impressed many new fans and players for its detailed sets. Game director Todd Howard even said the sets have too much detail.

Jonathan Nolan's Fallout live-action series on Prime Video has not only attracted new fans to the franchise's games, such as Fallout 76 and Fallout 4, but it has also significantly shaped the franchise's lore and the filmmakers’ meticulousness.

As Bethesda director and game producer Todd Howard found out, this attention to detail exceeds that seen with a cursory glance.

Howard, who also directed the space exploration RPG Starfield, said that when he visited while production was ongoing, he found a fully furnished Overseer’s office on set. When he looked deeper, the executive said he saw a detailed report on Vault power systems.

"They obsessed over everything,” Todd revealed. “They even got a real jetpack in there!”

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The show is also known for using practical effects instead of computer-generated imagery, such as in the creation of the Brotherhood of Steel's Power Armor.

For Ella Purnell, who portrays the protagonist Lucy MacLean, the meticulousness of the set props elevates her portrayal of the character.

You’re able to improvise a little and collaborate with your director because you’re able to say, ‘Well, what if I did this?’ because you’ve got props all around you,” she explained.

Fallout was released on Prime Video April 10. All eight episodes are now available to stream on the streaming and subscription service.

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