Mando's Iconic Razor Crest Is Now Available in Starfield

a man in a helmet is standing next to a space ship .
Credit: Bethesda | Star Wars

a man in a helmet is standing next to a space ship .
Credit: Bethesda | Star Wars

Thanks to the multitude of mods available on Creations Club, Starfield has slowly become the Star Wars game everybody always wanted.

From lightsabers to Mandalorian outfits, every Star Wars fan will love the Star Wars mods in Starfield.

With the franchise receiving so much love from modders and players, one fan has even recreated Din Djarin’s iconic Razor Crest.

a 3d model of a futuristic space ship in space .
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Credit: Bethesda | Star Wars

Originally posted on Reddit by user u/cardinal151515, this VTOL ship used mods to recreate the Mandalorian’s iconic ship.

The ship parts can be found in the cities of New Atlantis, Neon, and Akila, as well as the Red Mile, and require roughly around 400,000 credits to make.

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The modded ship features the iconic engines and the stark, dark gray color of the Mandalorian’s ship in Star Wars.

Fellow players are amazed and applaud the incredible level of detail of the ship, with some even hoping for a mod that allows players to save, export, and import shipbuilding blueprints.

User u/cardinal151515 also uploaded a build guide for those who want to create the iconic Star Wars ship.

In other Starfield news, paid mods only make up 2% of the total available Creations mods, in contrast to what the community initially thought when Creations Club was released.

In a recent interview with MrMattyPlays, Todd Howard shared that Bethesda is aware of the sentiments surrounding paid mods, and the studio will be planning for a better system or pricing to work for future paid mods.

He also shared that the studio's goal for allowing paid mods is to support the modders and the community behind it. New Starfield content is planned to be released this year, and updates regarding paid mods may be included in those updates.

Whether you want to roleplay as the Mandalorian while piloting the iconic ship in the Settled Systems or create your very own beach-bum bounty hunter hideout, be sure to follow Starfield Portal to stay updated with the latest Starfield news and announcements.

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