Modiphius Unveils Four New Miniatures From Fallout TV Series

maximus fallout live action prime video miniatures modiphius tabletop gaming
Credit: Modipius/Bethesda

maximus fallout live action prime video miniatures modiphius tabletop gaming
Credit: Modipius/Bethesda

There is much hype surrounding Prime Video’s upcoming Fallout live-action series, which is due to premiere with all episodes on April 11.

Following The Jones Soda Co.’s Nuka-Cola Victory special release drink and Gunnar Optiks’ Fallout glasses, Modiphius Entertainment has announced a new miniature set featuring the series’ main characters.

Modiphius Entertainment is the publisher behind the highly successful Fallout: Wasteland Warfare tabletop RPG and the upcoming Fallout: Factions game.

fallout tabletop miniature maximus prime video brotherhood of steel
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Credit: Modiphius Publishing

The above miniature depicts Maximus, the character played by Aaron Morten. In the second Fallout live-action trailer, Maximus is revealed to have joined the Brotherhood of Steel to take revenge on those who hurt him—probably the New California Republic, which is seen battling the BoS.

Below is the complete list of miniatures that will be debuting in this set:

  • 1x Lucy
  • 1x The Ghoul
  • 1x Maximus
  • 1x CX404
  • 3x 30mm Scenic Base
  • 1x 40mm Scenic Base
  • 1x Instruction Booklet - This includes construction information and rules for Fallout: Factions and Wasteland Warfare.
team folon fallout london fallout 4 mod
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Credit: Team Folon

Fallout is also one of the franchises that crossed over the well-known trading card game Magic: The Gathering. A Fallout deck was recently unveiled for MTG, with cards featuring characters like Preston Garvey, leader of the Minutemen in Fallout 4.

The Prime Video live-action series debuts on April 11, after which other Fallout-related releases follow. The most notable one is the Fallout 4 mod, Fallout London, which takes players away from the wasteland of the United States and into the capital of the United Kingdom.

A fan-made Fallout live-action film, this one by independent filmmaker Zack Finfrock, will be released soon after Fallout London.

In the meantime, the fanbase is also awaiting the release of the next-gen Fallout 4 update that Bethesda has once again delayed to an unspecified date. Players theorize that Todd Howard may be looking to roll out the patch at around the same time the series premieres.

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