Zack Finfrock Releases First Stills for Indie Fan Film Fallout: Breaking

Credit: A still from the Fallout: Breaking fan film set

Credit: A still from the Fallout: Breaking fan film set

This is probably the year of fan-created content for the Fallout franchise by Bethesda. In April, we’ll be getting our much-awaited fix from the Fallout live-action series from Prime Video.

The series released its first official trailer late last year, so be sure to give it an eyeball if you have not done so yet!

Of course, this is not the only live-action project set in Wasteland, as the franchise is so popular; there will surely be fans with their own productions. One such fan is Zack Finfrock, who is currently shooting his indie Fallout fan film project, Fallout: Breaking.

Finfrock had previously directed an earlier film called Fallout: Nuka Break, which came out more than a decade ago.

Now, inspired by the announcement of the official live-action series AND his love for filmmaking, Finfrock is returning to the Wasteland to continue the story of his protagonist, Twig.

To start the year right, Finfrock released multiple still images from the set of his passion project on his official X account.

Finfrock has raised $12,890 so far through GoFundMe for his independent fan film project. According to the fundraiser, the production team wants to release the film in April.

Check out Finfrock’s GoFundMe message below.

It appears that many projects are hanging on the release of the live-action series on April 12. An independent modding project for Fallout 4, Fallout London, is postponing its release to April 23 to coincide with the release of the Prime Video series.

Fans theorize that Bethesda may also release the next-gen update for Fallout 4 at the same time as well!

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