Fallout London To Drop Just A Week After Live-Action Show

fallout london

fallout london

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Fallout 4 may be an older game, but it doesn’t mean it’s not getting any updates. Skyrim, after all, received a much-maligned surprise update at the start of this month. One of these highly anticipated updates is the DLC-sized mod called Fallout London.

As its name suggests, the mod creates an entirely new world found inside the overarching narrative of the main Fallout 4 entry. It veers away from the traditional United States locations, instead taking the player to the capital of the United Kingdom, London.

While not officially sanctioned by Bethesda, the game offers a one-of-its-kind look at how the nuclear wars that dominated the games’ narratives affect cities outside the continental US.

According to its official website, Fallout London will introduce new factions with opposing ideologies, from the aristocracy to the modern anarchist.

Promising as it is, the mod has been delayed several times for release. First, IGN reported that the team deferred release in 2023 to allow the market to focus more on the official release of the year - the space explorer RPG Starfield.

In an X post, the team said that they are working hard on polishing the final product and have thus decided to move the release date to April. Does the month sound familiar?

That’s because the Fallout live-action series on Prime Video is also due to drop in April, specifically on April 12th. The lead developer admitted that they want to time the release to April 23, 2023, to “align with the anticipation” surrounding the series.

Bethesda is also due to release a next-gen update for Fallout 4 that would have introduced 4k resolution and 60 FPS to PlayStation 5 versions of the 2015 release.

However, this was also pushed back to an unspecified date in 2024, leading to speculations that the studio also wants to time the release with the launch of the TV series.

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