Todd Howard Reveals His Favorite Scene In The Fallout Show

todd howard prime video fallout series ella purnell

todd howard prime video fallout series ella purnell

It has been two weeks since Prime Video’s Fallout live-action TV series premiered. Todd Howard has finally revealed which scene among the many in the show is his absolute favorite.

Prime Video premiered the much-awaited Fallout live-action series, which stars Ella Purnell, Aaron Clifton Moten, and the amazing Walton Goggins in the lead roles, on April 10 after moving the release date twice. The show received overwhelmingly positive reviews, leading to an early confirmation of a second season from Amazon.

By now, we’ve all had the chance to watch the series at least once and have started picking our favorite scenes and spotting Easter Eggs. Todd Howard, the director behind Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, is no different, and he was more than happy to reveal his favorite scene from the adaptation.

"I still love the moment that Lucy comes out of the vault," the Bethesda executive said in a Q&A. "I think that captures so much. It's an earned moment, and visually a really, really beautiful one," he added.

ella purnell as lucy sees wasteland for the first time
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This scene echoes several similar moments seen in all Bethesda-made Fallout games except Fallout Shelter and New Vegas. Producer Jonathan Nolan, who directed the first episode and has played Fallout 3, lets his appreciation and knowledge of the games show in the pacing of this scene.

When the Vault Door first opens, we see only Lucy stepping out and vanishing into the light. Norm, her brother, tries to stop her along with two other Dwellers, but we see nothing of the Wasteland at this point until the door once again shuts.

The scene then cuts to bright light and fades back to Lucy holding out her hand to shield her eyes. It is then that we see for the first time the desolation of the desert-like Wasteland, and Lucy exclaims, “What the h—happened here?

It is indeed a poignant scene that exposes the difference between the Vault Dwellers’ sheltered lifestyles in their subterranean abodes and the harsh reality of the surface. It’s not surprising that Todd, who understands how important this scene is for the series’ overall development, would pick it as his favorite.

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