Fallout Games See Increasing Player Count as TV Show Premiere Nears

higher concurrent player count fallout steam db
Credit: Bethesda

higher concurrent player count fallout steam db
Credit: Bethesda

On March 7, Prime Video dropped the second trailer for the Fallout TV show, which will premiere on April 11 with all eight episodes. Four games in the Fallout franchise immediately saw notable player count spikes in the following days.

Fallout 4 had the most significant increase, with data aggregator True Achievements stating the game saw a 33% increase in Xbox alone. This was followed by Fallout 76, which saw a 6% spike on the same platform in the last couple of weeks.

The trailer also saw Fallout: New Vegas rise to 152nd on Xbox’s most-played games this week. Only Fallout 3 did not experience a significant resurgence that would have placed it within the top 200 games in the Xbox charts.

Steam DB also recorded a similar spike on Steam, which caters predominantly to PC users.

fallout concurrent player count steam db
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Credit: Steam DB

On March 7, Fallout 4 had 15,146 concurrent players on Steam, but by March 17, this had risen to 25,060.

Fallout 76 - a live-service multiplayer-only title - started with 6,862 players for its Steam version when the trailer launched on March 7. The game saw peaks on March 10 and 17 of 8,897 and 9,898 players, respectively.

Not to be outdone, Fallout: New Vegas, the spin-off developed by third-party studio Obsidian Entertainment, recorded 6,017 players on March 10. This number increased to 6,555 players the following weekend.

Fallout: New Vegas only had 4,088 people playing when Prime Video rolled out the second trailer for its TV show.

Last, the player count for Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition doubled to 1,306 on March 17. On March 7, it had only 613 players, which grew to 1,085 by March 10.

This data points to a renewed interest in not just Fallout 4 but all the previous titles in the franchise due to the upcoming Fallout TV show on Amazon’s video streaming subscription service.

Prime Video’s live-action adaptation is an independent story set within the Fallout universe, although it did come close to encroaching on Fallout 5 territory. In an interview with Den of Geek, Todd Howard admitted that the production team had ideas similar to what he and his team had in mind for the upcoming game sequel.

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