Amazon Prime Gaming Subscribers Get a Free Copy of Fallout for February!



The collaboration between Bethesda Games Studios and Amazon’s Prime Video service will culminate in April when the pilot episode of the Fallout live-action series premieres.

As a timely perk, Amazon Prime Gaming is also giving subscribers a free copy of the first Fallout game for February.

This is every gamer’s opportunity to give the game that started it all a spin for free if they’re an Amazon Prime subscriber. Fallout can be downloaded using your Prime credentials through GOG.

Aside from Fallout, Prime Gaming subscribers also get for free the following games:

  • Tempest 4000
  • Blade Assault
  • Gravitar
  • Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders
  • Missing Command: Recharged
  • Breakout: Recharged

Check out more details from the Prime Gaming Blog!

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Credit: Vanity Fair

Bethesda and Prime Video had kept details of the live-action video under wraps until late last year when they released official still images that revealed the main characters and actors through Vanity Fair.

This was immediately followed by the first live-action trailer and an announcement that the series will premiere on April 12.

Todd Howard was quoted by production team members comparing the development of the live-action series to the writing of Fallout 5. Howard said afterward that the series events would be considered canon to the games.

Due to its delay, Redditors theorized that the next-gen Fallout 4 update could be released roughly the same time as the series premiere. Other players also suggested that the Ghoul character from the live-action series could be added to Fallout 4, considering the lengthy life span that ghouls get from radiation in the Wasteland.

A DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4, Fallout London, had also announced that they’re moving their release date to April 23 to work around the hype for the live-action series.

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