Prime Video to Launch Fallout TV Series in April 2024

fallout tv show

fallout tv show

It’s been three years since Prime Video and Bethesda announced, but we finally get some updates on the upcoming TV series based on the predecessor of Starfield, the Fallout franchise.

On October 23, which is considered Fallout Day, Bethesda announced through the Falloutonprime Instagram account that the series, titled Fallout, will drop on Amazon Prime Video on April 12, 2024.

True to Fallout lore, the announcement video was stylized as a Pip-Boy interface graphic. It shows Pip-Boy typing on a console while the date “04.12.24” appears over his head. Once the date is revealed, Pip-Boy gives his signature thumbs up, and the video ends.

Although an official trailer is yet to be released, a teaser video was privately shown to attendees of Gamescom. According to Gaming Bible, the private screening confirmed that the show will be set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

An attendee pirated the footage by filming it on their phone and uploading it online. However, the quality of the leaked footage is inferior to the real thing, which is yet to be released. Given the proximity of the show's launch date, we could assume that it will drop in the next couple of months.

Last year, Prime Video dropped a teaser image on X to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the first Fallout game.

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Credit: X/Prime Video
Prime Video's teaser image for the upcoming Fallout TV series

The image showed three Vault Dwellers adorned in the blue-and-gold Vault jumpsuits looking into the wasteland through an open Vault door. A fourth figure, probably an outsider wanting to enter the Vault like in Fallout Shelter, is standing in the doorway.

The world of Fallout nearly figured into the universe of Starfield, with Washington D.C. from Fallout 3 appearing in Starfield’s abandoned Earth. However, Todd Howard said time constraints and complications from the pandemic lockdowns caused them to abandon the idea.

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