Prime Video Drops Trailer for Fallout Live-Action Series

explosion from Amazon Primes Fallout series

explosion from Amazon Primes Fallout series

Things are moving quickly for the live-action series based on the predecessor franchise of Starfield, Fallout. Last week, Vanity Fair dropped the first still images for the series, which stars Ella Purnell, Aaron Morten, and Walter Goggins.

Over the weekend, Prime Video also released the very first teaser trailer for the series. The trailer is two minutes and 33 seconds long and can be streamed for free on YouTube.

The trailer opens up with a narration by Ella Purnell’s character Lucy as we see footage of her leaving the Vault and exploring the Wasteland that is now the United States after the catastrophic nuclear attack.

We also see footage of the Brotherhood of Steel, who are seen boarding their tilt-rotor aircraft for what seemed to be their routine patrols of the Wasteland. Later on, we also see them walking, wearing full armor. The trailer also has a short scene of Walter Goggins in a gunfight.

Near the end of the video, we also see footage of the actual nuclear attack - three nuclear missiles land on the city. In contrast, at the corner of the screen, a character is seen riding his horse up the mountains, probably to escape the explosions.

The Fallout series will drop on Prime Video on April 12, 2024.

There are various references to Fallout scattered throughout the galaxy on Starfield. One of these is the empty cloning pod in a facility on Charybdis III. This pod is labeled as containing Gary_23, one of the Gary clones in Fallout 3.

Had it not been for the pandemic, we would’ve seen Fallout 3’s Washington D.C. as a point of interest in Starfield’s barren Earth. Todd Howard said they would’ve included that location but ran out of time developing assets while on quarantine, and all developers were working remotely.

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