Fan Makes Fallout Film Trailer with AI Software



The eponymous Fallout web series from Prime Video is the only official live-action content based on the award-winning game franchise from Bethesda for now. However, it’s not the only Fallout content you’ll find if you browse the Internet.

If you look for the hashtag #Fallout on the social media website X, you’ll likely find the fan-made trailer for an AI movie about Fallout by user Ilgiza.

According to the user, she made the one-minute-and-a-half trailer using the program Pika Labs. This software has many capabilities because the trailer even has a professional voice-over.

The trailer shows various characters organized into clans, including the Brotherhood of Steel and some of the Wasteland’s monsters like a Ghoul and a Super Mutant. You could also see the German Shepherd Dogmeat and a human baby in the montage.

At the end of the trailer, the voice-over ends with one of the most famous quotes from the franchise, first heard in the Fallout 4 opening: “War. War never changes.”

Despite not being sanctioned content from Bethesda, the short trailer does show the amazing capabilities that artificial intelligence can bring to independent filmmaking.

With a working knowledge of detailed AI prompts, one can build impressive computer-generated imagery that could look like something created for Hollywood.

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Credit: Bethesda

AI does raise some concern since it can be used to impersonate people, as what happened with Todd Howard. A very convincing Howard clone had appeared in a video by the YouTube channel Unscripted that supposedly covered a fictional “Honest Conference.”

This version of Todd admitted to all of the bugs that plagued Starfield players then, something that the actual Bethesda exec can’t be expected to do.

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