Todd Howard Praises Live-Action Fallout Series, Calls It ‘Fallout 5’

fallout tv show

fallout tv show

The upcoming live-action Fallout series just dropped its very first trailer, and boy, did it get our spirits stoked! Based on Starfield's predecessor franchise, the series captures the tone and look of the post-apocalyptic world where the game’s characters thrived.

None of the characters in-game appear in the trailer, showcasing the top three leads played by Ella Purnell, Aaron Morten, and Walter Goggins. Purnell plays Lucy, a survivor living on Vault 33 who decided to get out and explore the world above.

In other words, the Fallout series is an original storyline within the overarching universe in which the games’ events occur. What does Bethesda head honcho Todd Howard have to say about it?

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According to the show’s headrunner, Graham Wagner, Howard loved the show and told the crew they got it “right.”

Wagner told Game Rant in a roundabout interview before CCXP23 in Brazil that Howard had visited the Vault 33 set while production was ongoing and said the crew that he couldn’t believe they nailed it for him.

Howard then added that the crew’s approach to creating a new world within the world of the Fallout franchise is similar to Bethesda’s method in developing Fallout 5.

He said that it felt like the show’s creative team was writing the next installment in the franchise, which Wagner described as “the greatest compliment [they] could’ve gotten.”

This certainly meant a big thing for the showrunners, as Wagner acknowledged that they couldn’t put everything about the lore in a single season, no matter how they tried.

The live-action series, “Fallout,” will start airing on April 12, 2024, on Amazon’s Prime Video service.

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