Are Paid Mods Justified? Starfield Fans Weigh In

image of shattered space dlc and todd howard
Credit: Bethesda

image of shattered space dlc and todd howard
Credit: Bethesda

With the release of Starfield’s Creations, many players are divided regarding the value of the paid mods.

Although numerous improvements have been made and various gameplay issues have been fixed, the recent Creations update has been riddled with controversies about the Tracker Alliance quest.

This quest is a brand-new addition included in the Creations update. While the quest starts as a free mod, the subsequent subquest, The Vulture, must be purchased via the Creations hub, which has divided the game’s fans.

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Credit: Bethesda

This is the latest topic amongst the game’s many communities, such as the Starfield subreddits.

Many have expressed their opinions about this paid mod, with others saying that the price for a subquest is too steep and can lead to pay-walling an entire questline. In contrast, others have mentioned that this quest is not a mandatory purchase and makes sense from a business perspective, especially with the state of modern video games.

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Massive multiplayer online games have been using this microtransaction business model for some time, and similar to the paid mods in Creations, some MMO games give their player base the choice of purchasing add-ons such as extra character slots and inventory slots for prices much higher than the current average price of paid mods in Starfield’s Creations.

However, some Starfield players are not satisfied with this kind of business model.

Aside from paying an upfront premium for Bethesda’s space exploration game, some fans feel that having a paid quest would be the norm for Starfield, and much fantastic content must be purchased via Creations.

Other players quickly point out that these are optional purchases and are not mandatory to experience Starfield.

Paid mods tend to go on sale after a few months, and given Starfield's lack of multiplayer, they do not give an unfair advantage to anyone playing the single-player game. Many others also mention that modders can receive different support through these paid mods, such as marketing and revenue through Creations.

image of shattered space dlc
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Credit: Bethesda

Starfield fans who have tried purchasing mods in Creations remind fellow players that spending money on mods isn’t compulsory and to be vigilant in making purchases, as it is alright not to pay and vice versa. On the other hand, players continue to anticipate the Shattered Space DLC, albeit review-bombing the game on Steam.

Starfield’s Creations is part of the most recent update, which included the Creation Kit. Bethesda provides this toolkit to modders so they can create their mods, upload them, and have them officially listed in-game.

Bethesda had been providing this for Fallout and Skyrim, which had kickstarted some of the best mods, such as Skyrim’s Lordbound DLC.

Whether you enjoy new mods like The Vulture or prefer to stick to Creations' best free mods, follow Starfield Portal for the latest news and updates.

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