Xbox Starfield Mods Spotlight: A Fantastic Starborn Suit and a Posh New Emporium

image of the new bethesda starborn suit
Credit: Bethesda

image of the new bethesda starborn suit
Credit: Bethesda

Along with the latest update for Starfield, a wide variety of mods are now available for Xbox users. Since the game’s launch last year, mods have been only available to PC users. Xbox users can now freely spice up their gaming experience through the mods uploaded by modders in Creations.

While modding can confuse beginners, having this user-generated content on Xbox is a treat for all Starfield fans. With a wide variety of free and paid mods, it may be challenging to see which ones are the best to get, but worry not; Starfield Portal has got you covered!

Modding Starfield on Xbox is easy. The Creations menu is already available in-game. Players choose and download which ones they want in their game and load their save. However, some steps, such as setting a mod's load order, require some expertise, so we have the following easy-to-install mod suggestions for new players to start with.

Starborn Gravis Suit

image of the gravis starborn suit
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Credit: Bethesda

The Starborn Gravis Suit is a free mod from Bethesda Games Studios that players can install regardless of their progress in the game.

Once downloaded, the suit can be obtained by accessing your room in The Lodge. It has impressive stats and perks and will be helpful for those who do not have any Starborn suits yet.

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Franky’s Emporium

image of the mining pistol
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Credit: modder PrincessMely

Franky’s Emporium is a paid mod that adds a new little shop to the city of Neon. This shop offers various items not usually found in other vendors.

One stand-out item in their shop inventory is a pistol called Miney, which allows you to mine inorganic materials.

It also frees up mass weight and one more weapon slot in the quick slots, allowing players to carry more items.

Mods are fun and easy to install, and new players do not have to worry about getting confused as these mods all have clear-cut instructions on their download pages.

Whether you don the Starborn suit from Bethesda or check out Franky’s wares in Neon, be sure to follow Starfield Portal to stay updated with everything Starfield.

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