Xbox Mod Highlight: The Dream House Trait Is Worth It With This Fully Furnished Luxurious Home

image of a luxurious kitchen
Credit: Bethesda | DownfallNemesis

image of a luxurious kitchen
Credit: Bethesda | DownfallNemesis

When starting a new game, Starfield players can choose which trait they can have for their player character.

However, some players may find some traits less useful than others, such as the Dream Home trait. The trait gives players their own home, but it comes with a 125,000 credit debt that has to be paid upfront or weekly.

The house comes with nothing in it, so the price may seem unjustified, but thanks to this mod, PC and Xbox players can finally get their money’s worth out of the Dream Home trait.

image of an entertainment room
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Credit: Bethesda | DownfallNemesis

The Dream Home—Furnished mod is available through the Creations Club and can be easily installed through the game’s main menu.

Created by mod author DownfallNemesis, the mod is only around 372 KB for Xbox, which will merely cause a dent out of the 99 GB available mod storage for console users.

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While this mod is easy to install and has no load order requirement, the mod only overhauls the interior of the dream home and requires players to have the Dream Home trait.

The house makeover includes display cases, shelves, a working stove and fridge, weapon racks, storage crates, and a full workshop for all the needed workstations.

Companions will also have a lot of things to do as the mod adds some other markers for NPC companions to interact with. The new dream home also includes a secure vault for any essential items.

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Credit: Bethesda | DownfallNemesis

Players can also look forward to an upcoming home exterior mod from DownfallNemesis, as confirmed in a Reddit thread that showcases one of the players' houses customized by this mod. With these mods, players can now have a much nicer home.

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