This Is Your Chance To Win a Fallout Fort Knox Vault For Your Xbox!

fallout on prime sweepstakes custom fort knox vault
Credit: Xbox/X

fallout on prime sweepstakes custom fort knox vault
Credit: Xbox/X

We’re getting closer every day to the premiere of the live-action Fallout series on Prime Video, which will release all eight episodes simultaneously on April 11.

As part of the celebrations for the upcoming premiere, Prime Video and Xbox have partnered to produce the rare Vault 33 Xbox safety deposit box.

As its name suggests, this is a functional safe that can protect your precious Xbox series console from fire, floods, and blunt trauma. It comes with a numeric keypad that accepts your security password and a small dial emblazoned with 33 - the Vault from which the main character, Lucy, emerges in the series.

The safe, which the Xbox posting refers to as a “Vault,” is also marked as “Fort Knox.” We don’t know yet what the significance of this military installation to the live-action series is, but the Vault Dwellers in Fallout 76 constantly mention the name.

One lucky winner of the Fallout Xbox Sweepstakes will receive the Fort Knox Vault, a custom Fallout Xbox Series X, and a custom controller from Xbox Design Labs.

To join, follow the Xbox official X account and reshare the post with the hashtag #FalloutXboxSweepstakes!

Only X users 18 years old and above who reside in the United States can join the raffle. If you qualify, you only have until April 14th to enter the sweepstakes and have a shot at winning the prize.

If you’re currently playing Fallout 4, mark your calendars! The much-awaited Fallout London mod will finally be available on April 23, 12 days after the live-action series premiere.

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