Fallout: Breaking Creator Breaks Another GoFundMe Milestone

nuka break fallout breaking fan film
Credit: Zack Finfrock

nuka break fallout breaking fan film
Credit: Zack Finfrock

Zack Finfrock, the genius behind the Fallout independent fan film Nuka Break from more than a decade ago, is back helming another fan fiction set in the Wasteland that’s set to release in early April, a week before the official live-action series from Prime Video is released worldwide.

Based on a press release put out by Finfrock himself, there’s plenty to look forward to from this passion project after it has completed 3/4 of its GoFundMe milestones.

According to the indie film director, Fallout: Breaking has already raised $16,000 from over 200 donors on the platform. These contributions have allowed the production team to rehearse and shoot a fully choreographed fight scene and raise funds to secure a single appearance for a CGI Giant Mutant Insect.

There’s only $4,000 more left until the project’s funds reach $20,000, at which point they could film a cameo for the ED-E eyebot using practical effects.

The fundraiser has also enabled Finfrock to recruit top talent into his team to ensure the accuracy of the film’s visuals. Katie Kahn, a film designer whose work credits include Disney’s The Mandalorian, was brought on board to redesign the Vault Suit from Fallout: Breaking.

The Next Decade, a professional 3D printing company known for its Kamen Rider costumes, also provided many of the props and costumes used in the independent short film.

zack finfrock fallout breaking fan film
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Credit: Zack Finfrock
The Thirst Zapper

Zack has released a few production stills to show off the early results of this collaboration with top talent, and we find that they don’t disappoint!

Indeed, the month of April seems to be full of exciting content for Fallout fans. Aside from this project and the official live-action series from Prime Video, the Fallout 4 mod, Fallout London, is also releasing on the third week of that month!

There is also speculation that Bethesda might be looking to ride the wave of the live-action release to roll out the much-awaited Fallout 4 next-gen update as well.

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