Design Your Own Fallout Controller Now!

custom xbox wireless controller vault boy
Credit: Xbox/Bethesda

custom xbox wireless controller vault boy
Credit: Xbox/Bethesda

There has been an uptick in special releases and promos recently surrounding Bethesda’s post-nuclear apocalyptic franchise, Fallout.

The most recent is a promo by Microsoft allowing players to personalize an Xbox controller or two with the colors of their choice and an exclusive Fallout wrap.

If you’re interested in a custom-designed wireless Xbox controller, visit the Xbox Design Lab website. Once there, you can personalize it like you create your character in the games!

First, you choose a base design, which, by default, has the Fallout wrap featuring several versions of Fallout Boy in monochrome surrounding the only colorized variant, holding an Xbox controller while sporting the iconic Blue-and-Yellow-Vault Suit.

You also have the option to forego the Fallout skin by choosing one from 16 available patterns.

You can also customize the Back section, the back and side grips, the bumpers, triggers, D-pads, thumbsticks, and the ABXY buttons. In other words, you can design each section of an Xbox controller according to your preferences!

When you’re done, you can preview the design and check out your purchase if you’re happy. The base controller is $69.99, with the cost of some customizations added to the final price. The Fallout skin is $14.99, the patterns are $9.99, and the rubberized grips are $5.99.

fallout 4 sole survivor nuka-cola victory drinks
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Credit: Bethesda/Jones Soda Co.

Last weekend, the Jones Soda Co. announced its limited release of Nuka-Cola Victory drinks based on the regenerative elixir from the Fallout games. With Fallout being such a beloved name among gamers, it’s unsurprising that the Jones Soda Co. soon saw its initial stocks sold out in just two days!

The bottler took to X yesterday to announce that it was now accepting pre-orders for the Nuka-Cola Victory special release drink in response to the overwhelming reception to their initial offering.

This promo celebrates the upcoming Fallout live-action series from Prime Video. Watch out for the premiere on April 12!

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