Vehicles Are Coming to Starfield, But Will They Meet Player Expectations?

a man is standing in front of a screen with a picture of a space ship in the background .
Credit: Bethesda

a man is standing in front of a screen with a picture of a space ship in the background .
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield’s Shattered Space update is nearing its release this year, and players are getting excited about the possibility of seeing and utilizing vehicles soon.

Considering how Bethesda releases its updates for Starfield, players theorize that the vehicles will come in a small update or will be released along with Shattered Space.

While Todd Howard confirmed this in a recent interview, Starfield fans are eager to see how Bethesda will develop the vehicles for the space exploration game.

As discussed on a Reddit thread, user u/ TerminalHappiness posted and shared their expectations of how vehicles will function in Starfield.

Along with customization options, they also hoped for possible vehicle combat mechanics, enemy vehicles, and environmental resistance.

While most players want these from a Starfield land vehicle feature, some question if Bethesda will deliver the bare minimum when implementing the feature.

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Some fans share their expectations about the upcoming feature, saying players will get a moon buggy at most.

Others are concerned that the update will break multiple mods. While this is a valid concern, updates usually break mods and will need to be updated by the respective mod authors.

Some are wary of hyping up the feature too much as they feel that Bethesda often under-delivers. Despite this, some still hope for the new content and look forward to what’s next for Starfield.

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Credit: Bethesda

Vehicles have been the subject of long-running community discussions, and adding them to Starfield will provide a whole new gaming experience for fans of the Bethesda title.

Meanwhile, waiting players can tinker and explore various mods, such as the popular Star Wars mods and DLC-sized additions.

Whether or not the vehicle feature will make or break Starfield in 2024, Bethesda will have to deliver content that satisfies the players.

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