Shattered Space DLC Is Starfield’s Answer to Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood

image of a space cult
Credit: Bethesda

image of a space cult
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield has dropped the first trailer of its Shattered Space DLC, its first story expansion, and fans are ecstatic about the expansion and the latest June update.

Shattered Space gives space horror vibes that many fans have been waiting for, and Bethesda did a fantastic job of portraying the upcoming horror players will face.

The studio is known for creating compelling horror quests in their games, and the Shattered Space DLC might just be Starfield’s answer to the ever-famous Dark Brotherhood questline from Skyrim.

Bethesda fans know well that the studio creates amazingly terrifying questlines, and as seen in the trailer, Shattered Space will explore horror in space.

The expansion, which focuses on the House of Va'Ruun, will take players deeper into the occult, possibly similar to what the Dragonborn went through in Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood questline.

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Both stories involve mysterious deities such as the Great Serpent, Skyrim’s Night Mother, and Sithis. Based on the trailer, Shattered Space is triggered by a distress call, similar to how Aventus Arentino tried to contact the Brotherhood, thus beginning the quest line.

The trailer also showcased a few members of House Va’Ruun around a ritual circle and a dialogue line encouraging the player to join the organization or learn what it takes to become a member.

A few notable scenes add to the horror and mystery, including a mysterious citadel, several robot followers that look much like Vasco, and a whole building full of cloning vats.

image of an astronaut looking at a red sun
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Credit: Bethesda

Just like the Dark Brotherhood and many other questlines, horror quests from different Bethesda games are generally well-received. Given the tone Bethesda has given the trailer, players can expect the new Shattered Space expansion to bring a sci-fi horror atmosphere to the Settled Systems.

Starfield received its latest update along with the expansion announcement. It teems with new content, such as new locations and the brand-new Tracker Alliance quest.

The long-awaited Creations and Creation Kit are now also available to players. The game's main menu allows access to new custom and community-created content.

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