Starfield - The Trackers Alliance Walkthrough

a poster for starfield portal with a man in a space suit
Credit: Bethesda

a poster for starfield portal with a man in a space suit
Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda released its first new piece of official mission-based content for Starfield in the surprise update announced at the Xbox Showcase. While not a DLC like the upcoming Shattered Space, this new content is a Creation.

The Creation is titled Trackers Alliance: The Vulture and should be at the top of the main page of the Creations menu; if not, head to the Bethesda Game Studios section and find it there.

This Creations mod/DLC is accessed through the Creations menu before you load a save, so be sure to purchase the DLC and enable it before you begin. The Trackers Alliance Creation has one free mission - Bounty The Starjacker, and will have future updates periodically with new larger bounty missions from Bethesda themselves.

How to start The Trackers Alliance Mission

Once you have the DLC loaded, fire up your save file. To initiate the mission, The Trackers Alliance will head to Mars and land at Cydonia (or any other main location).

Outside of the Cydonia, a Trackers Alliance agent will say they have a proposal for you; this is where you will begin the quest (she will also appear at other main locations such as New Atlantis).

Speak With the Trackers Alliance Agent

Trackers Alliance Agent Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Strike up a conversation with the stranger beckoning you at the city entrance, and you can select some dialogue choices.

The options are

  • I’m listening
  • Sign me up! I’ve been wanting to join the Trackers Alliance
  • A proposal? No thanks, I’m already happily married
  • Whatever it is, I’m not interested
  • Uh, did I do something wrong? Am I wanted?

Select any, and you will be told you have been invited to the Trackers Alliance's new HQ on Akila.

You can reply:

  • Thanks. I’ll be there
  • I’ll consider it. And if I show up, you’ll have your answer
  • Nah. Not sold. Now, buzz off
  • I have questions

If you select "I have questions", you will have more dialogue options.

  • What if I say no?
  • Why should I join the Trackers Alliance?
  • Wait, what did you say your name was?
  • I didn’t know there was a Trackers HQ. Where was the old one?

Scroll through each to hear more info, then select "I have no more questions" when ready.

You will then be able to speak to the mysterious tracker again, and she will tell you to talk to Agent No. 1 on Akila.

Go to the Trackers Alliance HQ

Trackers Alliance HQ location Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

After wrapping up the conversation with the mysterious tracker, head to your ship and set a course for Akila in the Cheyenne system.

Once there, make your way to the old McCalls estate, where the new Trackers Alliance HQ is located.

If you have the mission active, it should be easy to find the building; it is located just up the right staircase next to The Rock.

Speak With Agent No. 1

Agent NO. 1 Trackers HQ Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Go inside, and you will hear Agent No. 1, who has the appearance of an armoured Starborn, talking to a man named Roach, who seems unhappy that you are here.

Walk up to Agent No. 1 and initiate a conversation.

Select one of the presented options when prompted.

  • Yes, I want to be a tracker.
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  • I haven’t made up my mind, but consider me intrigued.
  • Now hold on. Don’t go jumping the gun! I’m not sure the Trackers Alliance is right for me.
  • Did you have to throw a Tracker my way and scare me half to death?

He will then propose you do some tracker field work before you are fully signed up for the Trackers Alliance, and you will be asked if you have any further questions.

  • Okay. Sure. I'm ready to officially try out for the trackers.
  • I’ve got a lot on my plate. I need more time to consider this.
  • How is this different from going after bounties from the Mission Board?
  • Why Me?

Selecting "Why Me?" will prompt Agent No. 1 to discuss your accomplishments so far in the game; he will even say he knows about the mantis but will not tell anyone.

Listen to his responses before readying up.

Accept the bounty

Bounty Board Trackers HQ Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Agent No. 1 will ask you to accept the bounty from the board, turn right and head to the board next to Roach.

There will be two bounties: one for The Vulture, which has a value of 25000 credits, and the other for The Starjacker, which has a value of 10000.

Select The Starjacker to complete this part of the Trackers Alliance quest.

There are no rewards for completing this quest besides access to the next part of the quest.

That concludes part one of the Trackers Alliance questline; next up, it is time to chase your bounty in the next mission: Bounty: The Starjacker.

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