Starfield 2023 Roadmap

starfield roadmap

starfield roadmap

Bethesda has revealed its plans for the remainder of 2023 with a Starfield Roadmap. Fans have already complained over missing features since the game launched in September. Todd Howard and his team are hard at work getting fixes and updates in place to meet their promise of implementing the changes by the end of the year.

From FOV sliders to brightness and contrast controls, fans can expect significant updates over the next two months. On November 1, Bethesda announced the first of these significant updates would begin rolling out the following week. The update, expected the second week of November, will support DLSS, a much-requested feature previously monetised by the modder PureDark.

starfield dlss
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The planned Starfield Roadmap details can be found in the list below -

Starfield Roadmap 2023

No confirmed dates have been given for releasing these updates, but the plan is to roll them out during 2023. Additionally, the team at Bethesda have planned future DLC for Starfield; the first of these is titled Shattered Space and is expected to drop sometime in 2024.

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Along with the release of the planned updates and DLC, the launch of Bethesda's Creation Kit is highly anticipated. This addition to the game gives players access to the officially approved modding tools and is expected to add the mod store where fans can purchase approved mods by Bethesda.

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