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An explorer walks across a planet thinly lit by the sun
Credit: Bethesda

An explorer walks across a planet thinly lit by the sun
Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda's latest title, today we have an answer to the question - Will Starfield have DLSS support? We take a look at all the details in this article. Launch issues with FOV sliders on PC have already cropped up alongside Xbox performance issues cited by critics; let's try to get DLSS sorted out at least, shall we?

Starfield can use DLSS in place of FSR; we show you how to make this happen below.

Starfield DLSS - How to Install Mod

DLSS is a firm favourite among the PC gaming community, it is a technology created by Nvidia to artificially boost the graphics of games regardless of the internal graphics card.

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For Starfield, we do not have native DLSS support, but when did that ever stop the community? The Stone Legion - Let's Play channel over on YouTube has posted a video showing exactly how to add DLSS mod to replace FSR.

The process laid out in the video is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Should you wish to change FSR to DLSS in Starfield, you will need to perform the steps carefully to install your DLLS mod.

Starfield DLSS Subscription

DLSS is not going to be officially implemented in Starfield at launch. One modder is planning on adding DLSS via a monthly subscription service. This way fans will be able to implement it into their game, just with a monthly cost attached.

An explorer walks next to their starship
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DLSS - As good as real life?

PureDark charges around $5 per month, for the use of their DLSS mods. Whether this appeals to you or not, is a decision each player will need to make if they want to use DLSS in Starfield. We see no problem in deciding to pay for a creator's hard work, but as a culture, modders criticise PureDark for using paywalls for modded content.


One of the most infamous Bethesda modders goes by the username PureDark. This particular modder is known for adding DLSS support to PC games and charging a monthly fee to continue using them.

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Todd supports modding, does he support this move though?

Adding their own DRM to prevent piracy of the mods, has been an often criticised move. A lot of the modding community believes that all mods should be free, and even chastise Bethesda's Creation Club for charging for mods as well.

On the criticism of attaching a monthly fee to the DLSS support coming for Starfield, PureDark has responded with the following:

'It takes time and energy to maintain a mod and I would very much like to make it version independent as well, I meant attracting people with new mods is always better than mod breaking and people having to resub.
So starting from Starfield it will not break upon game updates, I'll implement something like the address library or using signatures to make sure of that.
And I'll gradually update my other mods to be version independent (it takes time).
I've always tried to make my service XGP-like so that anyone who subscribes at any time can have access to all my previous mods without having to pay for each, and I have been making new mods each month, I don't think $5 for such a service is too much to ask, that's all I have to say."

Previous criticism was aimed at PureDark charging multiple times for new updates to mods that are needed whenever Bethesda patch their games. Starting with Starfield, PureDark says that the DLSS mod will not require multiple payments.

While we would have loved official DLSS support, at least there is an option for fans out there, albeit a monthly subscription. Paying a creator for their work is indeed something that should be supported, that said, the modding community may not agree with this statement.

Only time will tell how this situation unfolds, it is unlikely PureDark will back down from their stance. While we wait to hear more, why not take a look at some planets that will be explorable in Starfield, or read up on the Enlightened faction, to better understand them before launch?

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