DLSS3 Support is Finally Heading to Starfield

starfield patch

starfield patch

If there’s anything the past month has taught us, a game as good as Bethesda’s Starfield is not without its flaws. While it has been praised for having virtually zero bugs upon release, players are now noticing that some features are missing that would’ve enhanced their experience. Thankfully, Bethesda have finally detailed their November Patch for Starfield!

One of these is native support for Nvidia’s DLSS3, a deficiency that has seen significant drops in performance in PCs powered by the video card manufacturer’s graphics processing unit.

Bethesda subsequently announced a string of updates aimed to optimize the performance of the game on PCs, indicating specifically that this will include native DLSS3 support in the future. However, the company stopped short of indicating a release date.

Today, the company announced on its official X account that they’re currently working on that update and will be putting it up for beta testing on Steam Beta next week.

The company is calling players with Nvidia cards, as well as those playing on Xbox, to join the beta testing and provide feedback before the full release is rolled out for both PC and Xbox. Bethesda added that they will also roll out FSR3 support for AMD cards in the near future.

The lack of native DLSS3 support was a hot issue on the heels of Starfield’s highly successful release.

The perceived demand has led modders to step in, with PureDark drawing flak from players for attempting to pay a paywall behind his DLSS3 mod by putting in a DRM. Another modder, LukeFZ, created his own DLSS3 mod and put it up on Nexus for free.

Nevertheless, both DLSS3 mods significantly improved Nvidia GPUs’ performance in Starfield by up to 60%.

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