Starfield Reliable Care Walkthrough

starfield reliable care doctor o shea

starfield reliable care doctor o shea

The Medbay down at The Well is facing a new outbreak targetting children, and Nurse O'Shea could use your help in the Reliable Care quest.

How to Unlock Reliable Care

You unlock the Reliable Care quest by talking to Nurse O'Shea in the Medbay. The Medbay is located in The Well of New Atlantis. Head down the elevator next to Jemison Mercantile at the New Atlantis Spaceport and make your way to the left side of The Well. You'll see the large green signboard for the Medbay.

starfield reliable care medbay
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You can start this quest during the Primary Sources quest, where you need to interview Nurse O'Shea.

Reliable Care Walkthrough

Speak to Nurse O'Shea at the Medbay

Speak to Nurse O'Shea inside the Medbay. Usually, she can help you with any healing you need, but you can ask about her current struggles and offer to help her. She needs research from another doctor at Reliant Medical in New Atlantis.

Visit Dr. Lebedev at Reliant Medical

Go back up to New Atlantis and head to the Commercial District. Reliant Medical is located in a large building next to the various towers of the Commercial District. Follow your scanner if you're having trouble finding it.

starfield reliable care reliant medical
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Speak to Dr. Lebedev and ask him for the research data. He'll just hand it over to you with no strings attached.

starfield reliable care reliant medical doctor lebedev
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Give the Research Notes to Nurse O'Shea

Now that you have the research notes go back to Nurse O'Shea and hand them over. She'll thank you and hand over the rewards, and this will finish the quest - Reliable Care.

starfield reliable care return nurse o'shea
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Reliable Care Quest Rewards

EX - 50
Credits - Level Dependant

That concludes our quest - Reliable Care. For more quests in The Well, try out a Shipment for Salinas at Apex Electronics.

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