Starfield - A Shipment for Salinas Walkthrough

starfield the red mile a shipment for salinas

A Shipment For Salinas takes you from the comfort of New Atlantis to the frigid and lawless zone of The Red Mile.

How to Unlock A Shipment For Salinas

Head to The Well in New Atlantis and go to Apex Electronics, opposite the UC Surplus. You might have come here during the quest, Primary News. Speak to Vicente Salinas, who will be sitting on a crate to the right to start the quest.

A Shipment For Salinas Walkthrough

Speak To Salinas

Speak to Salinas, and he'll tell you he can sell you some special goods and open up his shop if you do a small favor for him. He needs you to pick up a package left for him near the Red Mile.

starfield a shipment for salinas speak to salinas
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Pick Up the Package from The Red Mile

The Red Mile is located on the planet Porrima III in the Porrima System. It will take a couple of grav jumps to get there.

starfield a shipment for salinas the red mile location
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Once you're at The Red Mile, you don't need to go inside, and you can find the package lying on the left side behind a garbage bin. Go pick it up and leave.

starfield a shipment for salinas package
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You can also stay and try your hand at The Red Mile Run.

Deliver the Package to Salinas

Return to Apex Electronics in The Well and hand the package to Salinas. This will conclude the quest A Shipment For Salinas.

starfield a shipment for salinas package delivered
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Now you can speak to Salinas again, and he'll open the door locked behind him. Fun fact: if you simply want access to the room, you can pickpocket the key from Salinas. However, unlocking him as a vendor has its perks, as you now get access to Acid Rain's unique weapon and many other unique items that nobody else is readily selling.

starfield a shipment for salinas acid rain unique rifle
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A Shipment For Salinas Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - Level Dependant
  • Unlocks Salinas' Workshop Room
  • Salinas Vendor

That concludes our guide for A Shipment For Salinas. If you're looking for more quests with shady work, try the Crimson Fleet questline.

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