Multiversal Changes Starfield Players Want to See After Passing Through Unity

a man with a beard is standing in front of a mountain .
Credit: Bethesda

a man with a beard is standing in front of a mountain .
Credit: Bethesda

Passing through Unity in Starfield meant going for a New Game Plus, which lets players play the game again from the beginning. While the New Game Plus system is similar to other games, Starfield’s New Game Plus ties to its story, with the Starborn having to go through new versions of the universe while collecting powers along the way.

Different New Game Plus versions of the game change various things, but most of these changes are only made within The Lodge. Starfield players discuss other multiversal and substantial changes they want to see when going through a New Game Plus.

Originally posted on Reddit by user u/Biggy_DX, they asked what other players want to see in a New Game Plus while sharing their own.

Based on her storyline, they wanted to see a different NPC replace Lieutenant Jillian Toft. Many others also shared what they wanted to see, such as the Va’ruun being the more prominent religion in the game or gender-swapped members of The Constellation.

Another fun and chaotic New Game Plus scenario is when the Adoring Fan replaces all non-essential NPCs.

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Having the UC Vanguard or the Freestar Colonies defeat each other with only one faction ruling is also a scenario that some players want to see.

Others wanted to see Terrormorphs overrun humans, with only a few people left within the Settled Systems. Another interesting scenario is when the player character gets greeted and accompanied by another Starborn, the child of the player character from their selected romantic NPC partner from a previous New Game save.

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Credit: Bethesda

Going through Unity meant opening different multiverses in Starfield, and having a few of these interesting scenarios could give Marvel Studios a run for their money. For this to happen, players will have to either wait for an official DLC or mod these multiversal changes themselves.

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