The Ambitious Project Tamriel Starfield Mod Has Been Cancelled, Will Other DLC-Sized Mods Follow?

a man with horns is standing in front of a picture of a space ship .
Credit: Bethesda

a man with horns is standing in front of a picture of a space ship .
Credit: Bethesda

In a recent Reddit post, a Starfield fan posted an aspiring and colossal mod called “Project Tamriel,” which aims to merge all Elder Scrolls regions into a single planet in Starfield.

The mod's goal is so massive that the community responded that it is satire and farfetched.

However, the original poster mentioned in a recent interview that all intentions for the project were genuine, but the project is now canceled.

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Credit: Bethesda

In a recent interview with VG247, Reddit user u/New-Star-340 stated that all intentions in creating Project Tamriel were genuine and that they did not expect the community to respond to it the way they did.

This caused the team to abandon the project, and they mentioned that it wasn’t worth pursuing anymore if the community did not share the same excitement about it.

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Starfield’s Creations Club and Creations Kit have opened a wide range of possibilities for both players and modders. Modders can create anything they feel will improve Starfield’s gaming experience while crafting huge mods similar to expansions.

Project Tamriel was one of these mods, but creating such an ambitious project would require tons of development hours and an intricate content pipeline.

Another mod, StarSim: Mining Conglomerate, plans to create a new expansion and mechanics focusing on space mining.

The authors of this mod have shared their roadmap for the upcoming developed content and have started uploading a backbone mod called Starfield Core.

Time will only tell whether the project will proceed with its planned content, but the community are looking forward to it.

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Credit: Bethesda

Project Tamriel wanted to cover a lot, from each region to items and specific locations, but it was a mammoth undertaking.

User u/New-Star-340 mentioned in the interview that they will support modders who would like to pick up where they left off but will not continue with the project.

Bethesda has given modders the tools they will need to create fantastic content, and Todd Howard mentioned that paid mods are just a few of the many ways they would like to support the modding community.

Modders will decide how to utilize these tools and features, but they can be assured that Starfield and its players will welcome more mods as the game’s Creations Club grows.

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