What Was Starfield’s Cut Content Based on In-Game Hints?

image of neon
Credit: Bethesda

image of neon
Credit: Bethesda

More often than not, video games have several developed content that do not go through the launch version.

Sometimes, this content includes new locations, storylines, dialogue options, and quests that were removed during the development process partly because of budget and time constraints.

Starfield has a multitude of in-game evidence, possibly from cut content, and players are wondering which of these incomplete features points to content that should’ve been launched with the game on Day 1.

Originally posted on Reddit, user u/WizardlyPandabear asked the question that many Starfield players can relate to.

Answering the question, “What things are meant to be there but aren’t?” Starfield players speculated several features, such as a swimming mechanic and sea-focused content, mainly due to what players have observed on Neon and Europa.

These locations indicate ocean-related objects, buildings, and places of interest, but the content was cut due to developmental limits.

Another player commented about player-controlled personal space stations and a more robust crew ship system, such as turret control.

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Some players also shared that there must’ve been more plans regarding the game's procedural generation, wherein many places appear to have more content than they should have.

Small land vehicles such as ATVs are also one of the features that seemed to be planned as part of the launch version.

image of new Atlantis concept art
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Credit: Bethesda

While these pieces of evidence are visible in-game, Todd Howard confirmed that Starfield will receive more content via annual story expansions. Starting with Shattered Space, new Starfield content will be released annually and contain features players have been waiting for.

From land vehicles to utilizing the existing planets, Starfield Year 2 is something players can look forward to.

Whether you are scouring for interesting Starfield locations or customizing your personal space station, be sure to follow Starfield Portal for the latest news and updates.

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