Starfield Personal Space Station Mod Is a Must

a screenshot of a video game called starfield portal
Credit: Bethesda | Squint911

a screenshot of a video game called starfield portal
Credit: Bethesda | Squint911

In addition to shipbuilding and outpost creations, Starfield players can now have their own personal space station, complete with almost every workstation.

The personal space station orbits Tau Ceti III in the Tau Ceti system. While the mod is already available to PC players via NexusMods, Xbox players will still have to wait for the mod to become available in the Creations Club.

Created by mod author Squint911, the space station mod introduces a functional decorator, a Mission Center Room, a Command Center Room, and as well as other customizable areas.

The mod has been updated to the latest version, 1.1. While it provides players with a unique and personal experience, the mod still has some bugs that can be quickly fixed by jumping to a nearby planet and returning to the space station.

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With the Creations Club, Xbox users can finally add more customization to their game. While the Personal Space Station isn’t available for the console yet, players still have a wide variety of amazing mods to choose from. Star Wars fans who love the game are in for a treat with our list of Star Wars mods available for Xbox.

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Credit: Bethesda | Squint911

In other Starfield news, land vehicles may come to Starfield soon, thanks to an upcoming annual story expanse, as Todd Howard shared in a recent interview.

Dubbed Starfield Year 2, the new update after Shattered Space will utilize existing planets in the Settled Systems to tell a brand new story for Starfield players.

Todd also shared that this is just one of the many annual story expansions that Bethesda is planning for the game.

Whether you prefer to stay in your personal space station or lounge in your spaceship as you travel through space, follow Starfield Portal for the latest news and announcements.

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