Starfield - Millennium Falcon In Shipbuilder

a large starship on a moon

a large starship on a moon

Shipbuilding is integral to Bethesda’s newest open-world exploration game, Starfield. It is but one aspect of the game that allows its players to exercise their creativity when they’re not out duking it out with creatures or pirates during missions.

Today, just four days after early access became available, a user on Reddit has shared with the community his Starfield version of the iconic Star Wars vessel, Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars X Starfield

Reddit user krunkstep77 opened a thread on Reddit and published multiple pictures of his Millennium Falcon design on Starfield. The post showed eight images of his creation viewed from various angles in the Shipbuilder menu.

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Credit: Reddit/krunkstep77

Krunkstep77 described his creation as “huge,” revealing that it is only one block less than the maximum length allowed for shipbuilding. His Falcon could also carry up to 3000 units of cargo.

Other users quickly congratulated Krunkstep77 on his achievement. One user, USAIsACountry, expressed his desire to share shipbuilding blueprints with all the other Starfield players. Another player, Dadditude, said this might be possible once Bethesda allows modding on the platform.

Players have already been able to access the Beta version of the Shipbuilder three days ahead of early access. The Millennium Falcon is one of the many ship designs players have tried to emulate using the Online Ship Builder BETA.

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Credit: Bethesda

With the full version already available for Premium and Constellation members, it’s only a matter of days to see various creations appear in the game.

Starfield’s standard version will launch in two days, on September 6, Wednesday. It has already been confirmed that the game will feature Ultrawide resolution support for its PC version.

Certain parts of the game, including the character creation menu, will be in standard 16:9. However, exploration and shipbuilding will be in full Ultrawide resolution.

We will be sure to keep you up to date on all the latest right here at Starfield Portal.

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