Starfield Community - Online Shipbuilder Available To Try Today

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The starter ship is on the shipbuilder screen
Credit: Bethesda

We have loved seeing all the community creations pop up online over the last few weeks. From all the custom creations to the entire galaxy of Starfield being mapped, the fans are understandably hyped for Bethesda's space-faring epic. One fan has made the Shipbuilder feature for Starfield available to test right now!

Over on Reddit, user u/CorrectMinute has shared their Beta version of the starship creator. You can try it out and pre-plan your vessel today.


Being a galactic adventure across the cosmos, Starfield will naturally feature ships quite heavily. As your primary mode of travel, ships will become almost part of your team, as there will be no modes of land travel at launch.

A player walks to their starship
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Credit: Bethesda
The final frontier? Nah, just the beginning!

One of the best parts about having starships in the game is the Shipbuilder feature. Created with a collaboration between Bethesda Game Studios and the SnapMap team from Doom 2016, this will be a place where a lot of time will be spent.

The simplicity of just snapping parts on and off will lead to some tremendous creations. Fans have already done some mock-ups featuring some of the most iconic ships across pop culture. One of our favourites was the Millennium Falcon design from Star Wars. We cannot wait to see the creativity shine after the game launches in just a matter of days!

Ship crafted to look like a giant mech
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Credit: Bethesda
The possibilities are endless

If you can't wait either, head on over to the Shipbuilder Online Beta and play around with customizing a starship! The Shipbuilder Online will be fantastic to plan out new builds and test out design ideas before implementing them in the game at launch.


We will definitely be keeping an eye out for all the best ships created and will probably have a few of our own to try. Red Dwarf, anyone? No matter what your favorite ship may be, Shipbuilder looks like it could be an absolute time sink once Starfield launches.

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